Incentive trips in Myanmar

The high standard of the hotels, together with the exotic Burmese culture, will make your guests part of a memorable experience, and will give to your Company a great image return. Even the most traveled of travelers finds himself in a world that is beyond both experience and imagination……

Yangon: The Colonial Capital…

Myanmar’s ex-capital city reminds the visitors of the old time gone. Your Guests can walk in the shade of the charming colonial buildings, in the joyful confusion of market stalls, in the glittering pagodas and temples to plunge, slowly, into the Burmese charming atmosphere. Along the streets, old style Victorian houses are mixed with new buildings, and Buddhist pagodas with mosques, churches with Chinese temples.

Amongst the “incentives” services:

  • Welcome dance by a troupe of classical dancers in national costumes together with a traditional Myanmar orchestra

  • Digital Photo of the Guests at the Pagoda, with the Company Logo
  • At an awarded restaurant for best cuisine, the Guests will be sitting in the garden under the stars and the palms. The magnificent colonial mansion will be lightened as background. Big red Shan Umbrella covering the lights, and torches with candles, surrounding music ,will give a very special atmosphere to the last evening in Myanmar. Extra standing coktail, music band ( private), cake with logo.

The Mystical Bagan…

One of the great sights of Asia, Bagan is not to be missed.  Pagoda after pagoda large and small rises up from the green delta plain; a great deserted royal city.  This was the era of the temple builders, and they left a monument to their art as stunning as the Pyramids in Egypt.  Bagan flowered from 1057 to 1287, when it was overrun by the west-moving Kublai Khan.

  • Horse cart ride amongst the pagodas and temples
  • Sunset cocktail on a private area
  • sunset boat tour on the Irawaddy river
  • Balloon flight over Bagan at dawn
  • Treasure Hunt
  • alms donation in a monastery to the monks, the real buddhist ceremony  

The Last Kingdom of Mandalay…

Mandalay is Myanmar second largest city, major centre for Buddhist learning, and cultural heart of the nation. Its landscape is dominated by hundreds of pagodas and monasteries. 

  • Donation of the lunch at a Buddhist Monastery. The Guests will wait and serve the rice to all the monks coming in queue, in perfect silence, as the Buddhist rule needs. There will be a board with the name of the Company which has offered the lunch at the monks. It is one of the most emotional experiences in Myanmar, and can be witnessed how Myanmar people pays respect to the monks...


and The Magic of Inle Lake…

  • the people of the village will perform the “rowing  competition and regattas of the Inthas” a spectacular rowing contest (40 rowers per boat) 
  • sunset cocktail on a raft on the lake gently floating
  • private BBQ lunch in the bamboo forest
  • private lunch in a Intha house

So ask to us our special programs created for Your Guests and the success of your Company’s image !!!