Myanmar, is a very particular and fascinating Country. It has magnificent archaeological sites, wonderful sceneries, interesting culture and traditions, and a wonderful population, which is a mix of 135 different ethnic groups, with their own costumes, languages and cultures. Myanmar, formerly Burma, has been isolated for many years from the tourism and the international relationships: that is why this is nowadays a unique Country, where to have the unique experience of really see the Asian culture as it was, because still it is here.



RUDYARD KIPLING ( 1865-1936 ), the famous writer and passionate traveler of the past, wrote wonderful pages about Myanmar, making many readers dream about this Country, and wish to come here. We called our Company with his name, symbol of the explorer and of the joy of sharing new adventures and new discoveries with others: with the same passion and curiosity of the first explorers, we came to Yangon 7 years ago, and soon fell in love with this marvelous Country.

In the tourism field a lot of work has been done: new hotels, new aircrafts. But there is still a lot to do and to improve. Now that the tourism is growing we believe it is important for the Tour Operator abroad, to relay on a professional counterpart, which can understand, and consequentially follow-up in the right way, the needs of the clients, and which is strong enough to confirm the best services and the most difficult requests especially in the peak season. But still with a touch of personalization, which makes the difference.

Kipling Tour in Yangon, provides the professionalism, attention to details, high quality services and assistance, that you expect in a special” difficult” destination as Myanmar.


The western management, which comes from a long experience in tourism in Europe and then in different Asian Countries, guarantees you the perfect understanding of the needs of the western travelers. Our office staff is an enthusiastic team, which works with dedication to realize every step of the journey, from hotel reservation, transportations (rail, car, bus or air), to the organization of the requested itineraries to visit the Country the best way. Our travel experts can organize tailor made trips, coach tours, adventure tours, incentive & convention tour packages, cruises.

We have branches in the most important towns: Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, reference points for your clients travelling around the Country.

We also have our own professional languages speaking local guides, fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German. We provide to send to Europe the most deserving ones, every year, to attend language classes and experience life abroad, to improve their knowledge of the language but also to understand the European culture.

We try to improve constantly our services, and pioneer new itineraries and new programs.

Our goal is to make your Client’s journey, something special, where he can really have an authentic experience of this extraordinary Country.