Covid19 Myanmar

dear Colleagues and fellow travellers.

Here some updates as per  Dec. 4, 2020

Myanmar is reporting 1,401 cases on average per day, 20.000 positives per day, and abour 30 deaths per day. Most hotels are closed, and domestic flights suspended until end of December 2020. Is not possible for tourists to visit Myanmar.

The few who get permission must:  take an RT-PCR test and obtain a COVID-19 free health certificate 36 hours before boarding a flight to Myanmar. !5 days quarantine , 7 days in a hotel , and 7 at your home, On the third day after arrival, while in quarantine you will be required to take a rapid antigen test. If negative, this will be followed by a RT-PCR test on the eleventh day.

The Country meanwhile,  is trying to get ready , especially the archaeological site of Bagan, But at the moment pagodas and temples are closed, with hope to open end of December. 

For more information from the Myanmar Government on the pandemic in Myanmar and travelling through the Country please consult the

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We are ready to welcome the tourists and start again to organize tours, as soon as the situation permit it. Meanwhile, we wish all the best to you all, see you soon in the Golden Land!!!

Giulio & Gabriella Mariani